Client Success Story: Marie

The July heat was unrelenting the day Marie walked from the Walmart parking lot in East Naples to the Collier Resource Center’s office. She was living in her car but the car needed repairs and she needed help.  Ironically, she was due to graduate the next day with certification as a nursing assistant.

Listening through her tears, we learned that Marie was a patient at the Senior Friendship Health Center, and they were very concerned about her diabetes.  As you can imagine, eating properly and getting sufficient rest is almost impossible when your car is your home.

Our CRC volunteer called Saint Matthew’s House, where Marie was given a safe place to stay, three meals a day, and an opportunity to save money towards rent.

Happily, Marie attended her graduation, got her car repaired, and is now employed full time. As her living conditions improved, so did her health and self-esteem.  At last report, Marie and a roommate moved into their own place.  She is enjoying her new job while rebuilding her life with dignity and courage!

We were happy to provide assistance to Marie in her time of need and look forward to hearing from her as she continues to progress through her new life!

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