CRC to Begin Using Client Tracking Software

CRC has served over 250 clients to date. As we have grown, so has our need for effective client tracking software.

Fortunately, a new system for tracking data, called Community Resource Network, was recently introduced by the Hunger and Homeless Coalition and is being implemented by local nonprofits with the help of Michael Overway, HMIS Administrator at the Hunger and Homeless Coalition of Collier County.  The Collier Resource Center will begin using the new software this month.

The system will simplify workflow and improve everyday operations, allowing more time to be spent helping clients find the assistance they need.

Not only will the web-based software allow the CRC to move away from paper records, it will be able to produce detailed reports in real-time on client needs, resources, services and trends happening in our community.

The client tracking database can be used to record and track client information that could potentially be shared with other community services providers, to increase efficiencies and better meet client needs. We can also use this information to determine how services are being utilized, identify gaps in the local service continuum and develop outcome measurements.  It will enable us, as a community, to identify the most critical needs and collaborate on solutions.

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