The Collier Resource Center is an idea whose time has come. It is an organization which exists solely to help Collier County individuals and families navigate the complex and often perplexing maze of health and human services.  It does not duplicate or replace any existing organizations.

A knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated board of directors was strategically identified to provide leadership, creativity and expertise in a variety of areas.  This group of visionaries held their inaugural board meeting and election of officers in January 2015.  From that time forward, each board member worked tirelessly to bring the Collier Resource Center from a dream to reality.

Our success has been possible because of those who stepped forward to help. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Mike Ellis, former CEO of Healthcare Network, our “first angel.” Mike generously offered support, encouragement and donated space to launch this fledgling organization. 

Another critically important group of “angels” are those who provided the necessary funding to launch the organization.  These amazing individuals understood the dream, and thanks to their vision and financial assistance, the Collier Resource Center is a reality.

The first group of volunteers was trained January 29, 2016 at the offices of the United Way of Collier County.

Our sincere gratitude to everyone mentioned here and to the many other people who provided what was essential to create the Collier Resource Center.  As we continue to connect our residents with the services they seek, our own ongoing need for volunteers and donations continues.

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