What Kinds of Help Does CRC Provide?

Collier Resource Center serves as a guide connecting people with needs to the agencies that can assist them. We do not provide financial assistance ourselves, but we can lead our clients to places that do. We are a safe place for undocumented residents. Our service area includes Golden Gate, East Naples, Lely, Goodland, Everglades City, Copeland, Ave Maria, Immokalee Naples, Marco Island and unincorporated Collier County.

I need help with my bills.
Collier Resource Center can connect you with local assistance agencies that can help you with your power bill, water bill, rent, child care expenses, etc. 

  • Ana from East Naples needed help with her electric bill.
  • Michelle from Goodland always worked and took care of her family.  She lost her job during the pandemic and couldn’t pay her rent or feel her children. 

I need surgery, medicine, treatment, a wheelchair, or other medical care.
Collier Resource Center locates local professionals, non-profits, charities, and agencies to address your need for medical care.

  • Maria in Copeland needed cataract surgery.
  • Hector in Golden Gate needed a wheelchair.
  • Jennifer in Orangetree needed thyroid surgery.
  • Angela in Rural Estates lost her job and needed medical care. 

I need help caring for my parents, my children, or other dependents while I work, shop, or just take a break.
Local respite care providers assist families that need childcare, care for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, hospice or other home-bound conditions. Collier Resource Center can connect you with the most appropriate source of help.

  • Betty’s mother in Naples was terminally ill, and she didn’t know about hospice care.
  • Pedro’s mother in Everglades City has dementia and he and his wife are exhausted providing care day and night.

I need clothes appropriate for work, interviews, or the weather.
Collier Resource Center can help residents obtain the clothes, shoes, outerwear or uniforms they need to obtain or perform work duties.

  • Bob in Marco Island needed non-skid work shoes for his new job at a fast-food restaurant.
  • Terry needed a professional outfit to wear to job interviews.

I need basic furniture, or accessibility modifications to my home.
There are sources of basic furniture and home needs in Collier County from local service agencies and non-profits. Collier Resource Center can find and connect you with the best match for your need.  

  • Louis in Immokalee needed a bed and mattress.
  • Lynn in East Naples is blind and wheelchair bound and needed a ramp to safely exit her mobile home.

I need food for my family.
Collier Resource Center knows the local food pantries, as well as how to get families signed up for assistance. 

  • Elaine in North Naples needed diapers and formula for her baby.
  • Mary in Golden Gate needed food for herself and her three children and didn’t have a car to drive to the food pantries.

I need therapy or mental health care.
Collier County is home to sources of therapy, mental health counseling, and support groups on a variety of topics. Collier Resource Center can connect you to those providers.

  • Alice’s daughter was murdered, and she didn’t know where to turn for counseling geared to traumatic death.

I can’t keep my pet and I don’t know what to do.
Collier Resource Center can assist in finding new families, medical care, or registration for your pet.

  • John in East Naples needed to rehome his beloved dog and wanted to be sure it was a no-kill shelter.

I need help completing a job application, filing my taxes, or applying for assistance online.
Volunteers, government agencies and non-profits can assist in completing online applications, forms, or assistance programs. Collier Resource Center can guide you to the best source for your need.

  • Jose from Golden Gate needed help completing an on-line application.

Each client came to us for guidance. We found services that could address their problems, helped them complete any application process that was needed, and followed up with them to be certain their problem was addressed. 

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