From a Client’s Grateful Daughter

A tremendous thank-you to Nina Gray and all her colleagues at The Collier Resource Center. My mom, Lynn Day, is 92, wheelchair bound and has been a resident of Naples for over 35 years. I am her only daughter living in VA, trying to grant my mother’s wish to remain living in her own home. Because of Nina’s diligence, determination, and most of all her compassion, mom finally has the wheelchair ramp she needed and is able to come and go from her own home. We can both now feel she is safe and not dangerously and sadly restricted to staying in her house. Nina realized coordination was key and was able to find a very generous and compassionate contractor, Chris Alley of Alley Design to Build to do all the plans, permits and construction of the ramp. She also reached out to Gene and Laura Consolo of St. Vincent de Paul to generously provide the materials needed. If it were not for Nina, her perseverance, the Collier Resource Center, the generosity of Chris and Bob of Alley Design to Build and Gene and Laura of St. Vincent de Paul, none of this would have been possible. They are truly a testimonial to the courage to ask for help when needed and the kindness to provide that help whenever possible.

Jean Day Hutnick

Senior Friendship Health Center

The Collier Resource Center has been a critical and supportive asset to the Senior Friendship Health Center. Our senior patients come to us at a time of need for medical and dental services. The Collier Resource Center, located in our building, offers an additional step in the Continuum of Care that we strive of offer our patients. As our volunteer doctors, dentists and staff review the patient’s needs, many times they identify complex problems which require additional, non-medical assistance. The convenience of having qualified volunteer case managers connect clients with community services, provides a one stop shop for some of the most needy residents in our community.

M J Scarpelli,
Director of Development and Marketing

The Salvation Army Naples

I am very happy to have the Collier Resource Center (CRC) working in our community providing clients the service they need. CRC volunteers and part-time staff member, Norma Diaz, have such an amazing passion for what they do and are a great help to the community. Working for a nonprofit agency, there are times when we would love to guide clients through the search for resources. Due to time restraints and caseloads we are not able to. We rely on having CRC available to refer our clients.

Collier Resource Center operates year-round with the faithfulness of Norma and their volunteers. They are reliable for clients and are always consistent in providing the correct information regarding community services. This organization is constantly working on bridging the gap of need in our county.

Frances Ribot, Caseworker Supervisor
The Salvation Army Naples
Regional Coordinate

Alzheimer’s Support Network

Thank you for your initiation, your drive, your expertise built up of years of knowing the local organizations and players, and perhaps most of all your compassion and kindness. We talked after you left. Everyone feels enthusiastic and comforted that we can direct families to you knowing they would get the type of help we strive to give.

Clarke Pollard
Executive Director
Alzheimer’s Support Network

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