Volunteer Spotlight: Barbara Saner

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

This quote by Maya Angelou is one of Barbara’s favorites and describes her philosophy. 

After years of teaching Spanish and English to middle school, high school and adults, I was grateful to spend 4 years living in Spain. I loved learning about different cultures as I traveled in Europe – and of course trying new foods! One of my favorite hobbies was taking cooking classes in Madrid from chefs from all over. Several moves later I came to Naples in 2004 permanently because of the sunny days and being near the water. Presently my 2 children live in Florida, so I get to spend time with them and the 3 grandkids. Being a grandma is one of my favorite roles!

Starting in grade school I began to volunteer to help others – in school, in church and in our small town. My first experience was in 5th Grade when a family in our town lost their home to a fire weeks before the holidays. I went to all the classes in my school asking for donations of clothes and toys. My mom helped me deliver them all just before Christmas and I will never forget the smiles on the little children’s faces. More recently I have volunteered with Catholic Charities, Literacy Volunteers of Collier County, Blue Zones and Collier Resource Center.   Volunteering with Collier Resource Center attracted me because I wanted to know more about the many resources in our area and to have opportunities to connect those resources with people who are in need in our community. As a CRC volunteer I have facilitated our Workshops and worked on special projects. Being with people and giving back is just part of me.

Two years ago while participating in a Blue Zones Purpose Workshop I wrote the following 

Purpose Statement: With my gifts of building relationships, facilitating change, bringing joy and creating things I am here to awaken spirits for the benefit of myself, my family, my friends and everyone that crosses my path.

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