Volunteer Spotlight: Nan Moore

It’s in her DNA

Nan learned about giving back many years ago from her mother Beth Moore.  Beth, along with the leadership of Barbara Widman and some of their friends, took domestic violence out of the shadows and into the light of reality.  These pioneering women launched what is known today as the Shelter for Abused Women and Children.  It started in 1988 in a four-plex apartment tucked away on a quiet street.  Nan recalls the myriad ways she and her father helped her mother with tasks necessary to start the charity – everything from painting walls to cleaning bathrooms.  Nan laughingly says, “The security system we had was a baseball bat.”

Fast forward to 2008, when Nan moved to Naples.  Until that time, she had lived in many different places as a child while her father built his corporate career and then as an adult with her own sales and marketing career.  Nan put down roots here and began volunteering for Fresh Start.  It was a natural place for her because this is another charity started by Barbara Widman, with Nan’s mother Beth and many of the same friends who started the Shelter for Abused Women and Children.  Fresh Start grants are given to women leaving the Shelter for Abused Women and Children to begin their new life.  In this role, Nan witnessed first-hand poverty, homelessness, hunger, despair and fear.  As a newcomer to Naples, her eyes were opened wide about the challenges many people experience living in “Paradise.”

Nan and Nina were introduced one year ago.  According to Nan, “I thought this was the best idea I’d heard of in a long time.  I couldn’t believe no one else was doing it, and I asked to be part of it.”   Nan said, “I want people to know there’s a simple way to get the help they need just by making an appointment to meet in the office or by calling us. “

Nan has embraced many roles within CRC.  She meets with other nonprofits to let them know what we can do to help them and to be sure we have up-to-date information about what they offer so we can effectively help our clients.  As an outreach volunteer, Nan speaks to various groups about our mission and serves on the CRC Board’s marketing committee.  She also volunteers in the office working with clients and providing case management services.  And, if that weren’t enough, Nan has tackled the affordable housing issue to advocate for CRC clients.  She calls property managers, checks websites, drives around Collier County looking for signs advertising available apartments, and she serves on committees devoted to finding housing solutions.

According to Nina Gray, “Nan shares the CRC vision.  She instinctively knows what needs to be done next.  Nan possesses a wonderful combination of energy, dedication, intelligence and passion, along with a very kind heart.”

Thank you, Nan, for your pioneering spirit and devotion to improving the quality of life for others!

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