Numbers tell the story

2020 – January through June, we assisted 322 people

2019 – January through December, we assisted 620 people.

2018 – January through December, we assisted 461 people.

2017 – January through December, we assisted 251 people.

2016 – First six months of operation, June through December, we assisted 60 people.

Marioly Soto
Program Coordinator

Assistance for residents in need

The Collier Resource Center exists solely to help families and adults obtain assistance to navigate the maze of health and human service organizations. We provide information and referrals in many areas and make every effort to match clients with the most appropriate and adequate resources by providing personalized case management.

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Our Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are committed to advancing inclusion, equity and access for everyone. We believe diversity encompasses, but is not limited to age, ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic circumstance, physical abilities and mental abilities.  The work we do every day is, and always has been, in support of these ideals.  

We are conveniently located on a bus route at 2355 Stanford Court, Unit 701 and are located inside Healthcare Network’s building.

One call does it all 239.434.2030.  

Printable Flyer

Print and share a flyer with someone in need of help.

To empower the people of Collier County through information, referrals and case management.


We envision a community where all people are empowered with information and have access to resources which increase their opportunities for success.

  • To provide clients with personalized information, referrals, education, and support
  • To conduct case management and follow up services
  • To ensure volunteers and staff are informed about current and appropriate community resources
  • To connect clients with resources specific to their needs

  • A center where everyone is treated with respect and dignity
  • Staff and volunteers who offer clients a personalized approach for securing assistance
  • We believe providing current, appropriate and personalized access to local resources by trained volunteers and staff improves the health and well-being of our community.


Confidential and at No Charge

There is no charge for our services.
All services are confidential.