Volunteer Rights & Responsibilities

As a Collier Resource Center volunteer, you have the right to:

  • Receive accurate information about the organization
  • Receive a clear, comprehensive job description
  • Be carefully interviewed and appropriately assigned
  • Know what your schedule is and to whom you report
  • Receive training and support
  • Receive orientation to organization’s mission, vision and goals
  • Be safe on the job
  • Have choices and feel comfortable about saying “no”
  • Receive recognition for your contribution
  • Have your personal information kept confidential
  • Be trusted with confidential information about the organization, clients, personnel and donors
  • Be treated with respect
  • Provide feedback and suggestions about your volunteer experience

As a Collier Resource Center volunteer, you are expected to:

  • Be reliable and punctual
  • Be trustworthy
  • Respect confidentiality of Information about clients, donors and the organization
  • Respect the rights of people with whom you work
  • Participate in the intake and orientation process (background checks, paperwork, etc.)
  • Have a non-judgmental approach
  • Accurately record your volunteer hours
  • Give feedback (i.e. participate in evaluations when asked)
  • Participate in training offered by the organization
  • Accept guidance and supervision
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner with dignity and courtesy at all times
  • Complete tasks efficiently and honestly
  • Address areas of conflict with the appropriate staff member or volunteer coordinator
  • Ask for support when it is needed
  • Notify supervision as soon as possible if you are unable to attend training or carry out your assigned duties
  • Adhere to the policy of no drug or alcohol use immediately prior to or during your volunteer assignment
  • Uphold the “No Smoking” policy while one the organization’s property
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