The Collier Resource Center exists solely to help families and adults in need navigate their way through the maze of health and human service organizations in Collier County. Our trained volunteers make every effort to match clients with the most appropriate and adequate resources, emergency assistance, and ongoing services for each situation by providing personal case management.

Collier Resource Center staff and volunteers are trained using the Collier 211 database and other resources, and are able to provide personalized information and referral in the following areas:


Confidential and at No Charge

There is no charge for our services.
All services are confidential.


Fundamental Necessities

food, clothing, shelters, rental assistance, utility assistance, and more for families in need

Medical and Mental Health Information

health insurance programs, Medicaid/Medicare, maternal and infant health, support groups, counseling, rehabilitation, etc.

Employment Information

sources for financial assistance, job training programs, transportation, educational programs, etc.

Services for People with Disabilities

adaptive equipment, adult day training, financial and life planning, group homes, recreational programs, respite care, supported employment, supported living, support groups, transportation, etc.

Services for Elderly

adult day care, congregate meals, Meals on Wheels, respite care, homemaker services, independent living programs, etc.

Assistance for Children, Youth & Families

childcare, after school care, Head Start, summer camps, mentoring, etc.

Financial assistance for Naples, Immokalee and Golden Gate residentsConfidential Help

All information is free and confidential. Follow up services are offered to ensure clients are connected to the appropriate resources and to determine if additional assistance is needed

Collier Resource Center and 211 are committed to working together to connect families and adults with appropriate community resources. This collaboration improves the quality of life for Collier County residents.

When the Collier Resource Center is closed, please call Collier 211 for information and referral to local resources.

Collier County help line