Help for Collier Residents

We help Collier residents in need connect with agencies that provide helpThere are many social service agencies that provide help to residents throughout Collier County. However, trying to decipher who does what while managing phone calls, referrals, appointments, etc. is more than most can manage in a crises. Collier Resource Center not only does the legwork, and connects you to the agencies. our trained volunteers have the knowledge and connections to match you with more sources than you ever believed were available. In addition, we don’t just give you a list of numbers and send you on your way. We track your progress, follow up on issues, and manage your connections as your situation changes.

We’re here by your side.

  • Short term emergency assistance is paying rent, obtaining food, paying bills;
  • Long term connections with support groups, counselors, and non-profits
  • Training and teaching opportunities for jobs, life skills, parenting
  • Family help in finding quality child care options
  • Home care options for seniors and disabled residents
  • Support groups and agency assistance for medical issues.
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