Always be Kind

As if life weren’t challenging enough, Josh heard words that turned his world upside down.  “You have cancer.”

Josh and his wife have one child and she is the light of their life.  He has worked hard from the time he was 14 but never earned a large salary or had much money saved.  With a cancer diagnosis, his biggest concern was his family. What would happen to them if he died?

family in jeopardy

Moffitt Cancer Center provided his surgery at no cost, but that was only half of the treatment plan … he still needed a course of radiation and didn’t know how he could ever afford it.

Josh called the Collier Resource Center (CRC) and our program coordinator, Marioly Soto, immediately launched into action.  She found local organizations to help defray some of the financial burden his cancer diagnosis
and treatment placed on this young family. A significant problem remained.
How would he get the life-saving radiation he desperately needed?  He’d never been sick before and didn’t know where to turn.

Marioly called an oncology group to ask if they would consider pro bono radiation for Josh.  This call changed everything.  She learned he had been approved for his radiation but wasn’t aware of it.  Something as simple as a communication error might have caused Josh to lose his life.  Marioly was determined not to let him “fall through the cracks” of the healthcare system.  He needed an advocate and navigator.  He found both at CRC.

Josh is on the road to recovery and he gave CRC the greatest gift.  He called with tears of joy to thank Marioly for helping save his life.  We will continue to help him and his family as he begins his journey to wellness.

Marioly and our volunteer team do not give up.  They make every effort to help our clients find appropriate resources and their goal is to “ALWAYS BE KIND.”

CRC needs your financial support.  It enables us to help those needing advocacy and case management – people like Josh.  Although we do not charge, the lifesaving and life-enhancing value of our work is immeasurable.

Summer is a challenging time for fundraising, yet our costs remain the same all year.  Please consider a donation to the Collier
Resource Center.

With sincere gratitude,

Nina Gray

Nina Gray, Co-founder

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