Naples Daily News Letter

Thanks for wheelchair ramp at home

A tremendous thank you to Nina Gray and her colleagues at The Collier Resource Center.

My mom is 92 and has been a resident of Naples for over 35 years. I am her only daughter, living in Virginia and trying to grant her wish to remain in her home. Because of Nina’s diligence, determination and her compassion, my mom finally has the wheelchair ramp she needed and is able to come and go from her home. Now we both feel she is safe and not dangerously and sadly restricted to staying in her house.

Nina found a very generous and compassionate contractor, Chris Alley, of Alley Design to Build, to do all the plans, permits and construction of the ramp.

She also reached out to Gene and Laura Consolo of St. Vincent de Paul to generously provide the materials needed. If not for them, as well as Chris and Bob of Alley Design to Build, Nina’s perseverance and the Collier Resource Center, this would not have been possible. They are truly a testimonial to kindness and providing help.

I encourage others to call the Collier Resource Center, 239-434-2030, when they need help.

Jean Hutnick, Herndon, Va.

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